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Recliner Sofa Maker

"Recliners at reclined Prices!!"

Surprising prices awaiting you. Designed at low cost, but definitely with full comfort that soaks you in. In the lap of luxury and undisturbed freedom, be sure to make these your very own.

"Slant Perspective"

Because you always deserved this. A home where you rush to rest and a Recliner to read, take your favourite mug, or just cose, or watch a show in style.

customize Your Recliner

Customize Your Recliner

Personalize your own recliner and add a world of accessories to it with choices galore.

PVD Metal Furniture

A no compromise deal, trust in us to deliver the best, every product, each time!

Mayuri International needs no introduction, manufactures of Custom designed furniture superior in quality and concepts that accommodate your ideas into well balanced outcomes. We delight and pride in serving you, it is you and our commitment to ourselves that we dedicate this website that is just for PVD Furniture sake.


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Exceeding the expectations of our customers is our top most priority; trust us to make your dreams a reality.